Climate Controlled Storage


At Hillvue Self Storage, we understand how valuable your possessions are to you and how important it is to keep these items in pristine condition. If you need to store items that are sensitive to environmental factors, our climate-controlled storage is the solution you need!

Our facility is a unique renovated office complex, providing indoor storage solutions that are a step above the rest! All of the existing offices have been converted into climate-controlled units, varying in sizes from 30-220 sq. ft. Each of our indoor units features:

Protect Your Valuables with Climate Control

Our climate-controlled units will protect your items from extreme temperature fluctuations in the summer, and the winter, maintaining an indoor temperature between 55°-80°, depending on the season. Our units are perfect for storing items such as:

At our Butler storage facility, we have a wide selection of climate-controlled storage units to meet your unique needs. Contact us today to learn more about our climate-controlled storage units!